David Ifergan

David IferganDavid Ifergan is a descendant of the well-known Ifergan family. Son and successor of the righteous and holy Rabbi Shalom Ifergan, blessed be his memory. David grew up in a household blessed with many children and was educated according to his father’s special way of self-work – personal amendment, values, ethics, charity and Torah. His father taught him the secrets of Kaballah, Gmara, Hazohar and the meaning and interpretation of the book of Psalms.

David is a spiritual leader for whom both material and spiritual charity work are an indivisible part of life. David believes that man should adhere to three principals in his lifetime and they are Torah, charity and self-betterment. He started doing charity work during his father’s lifetime and learned from him the importance of charity and giving. The founding of the association was a natural continuation of the values and charity work he was brought on by his father.

David studied in an Orthodox Yeshiva. He served in Shaked regiment as a commando warrior.

Today David accompanies individuals and serves as honorary president of the “Olam Hesed” association which he founded 15 years ago.