Olam Hesed’s activity focuses on three parallel channels:

Helping individuals and families in distress on holidays:

Olam Hesed Association maintains a longstanding traditional activity for the community and has set a goal to allow individuals and families who can not afford it, to celebrate the holidays honorably.

The association operates on two major holidays, Rosh Hashana and Passover. On these holidays, the association holds fundraisers whose revenues are passed on to needy families.

“Passages” – support for people in times of crisis:

Many times people in times of crisis find themselves at a loss and helpless in the face of difficulty. In these cases, the association supports and assists these people and helps them out of rough spots. Examples for these include financial support for surgery, assistance for couples and families with no means to hold a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, and more.

Social skills:

Unique projects that give children and youth tools for strengthening and improving their social skills in educational and emotional aspects.

Olam Hesed began operating in this channel lately and focuses significant efforts on spearheading projects with external partners whose sole purpose is to create tools for children and youth to realize their personal potential.

Such a project is “Feeling in the water” – a project that headed by “Olam Hesed” assisted by “Ori Sela’s Water World“. The Water World employs expert Hydrotherapy guides which specialize in children with ADHD. The association identifies vulnerable populations that can not afford to send their children to such classes and sponsors them in the course of 12 sessions. At the course, the children learn to swim and are accompanied by a professional team. The association takes care to equip them with swimsuits, binoculars and lunch. Participation in the project gives children confidence, social skills, team work ability and more.

The “Life in Dance” project allows access to the world of dance. The purpose of the project is to strengthen and highlight, personally and in a group, the potential inherent in each one through dance, which is the language of the soul.