Our Vision

Olam Hesed has taken up the principal of equality as its flag in face of the growing social gap in Israeli society, opting for equal opportunities and returning the balance by financial, educational, spiritual and social support for the needy.

The many faces of the association’s activity serve as a bridge between the various sectors and social standings in Israeli society.

Olam Hesed’s activities provide a platform for the growth and nurturing of children and youth’s skills, those who can not afford it on their own, and offers them quality supplementary education which will expand their horizons and equip them with adequate values, leading to¬† equal opportunities in education.

The association views its activity as a vocation for the community and all those who take part work devotedly, efficiently and professionally towards fulfilling its goals.

Olam Hesed promotes and facilitates volunteer work in Israeli society and operates without an government funding, on a voluntary basis. All of the association’s volunteers and activists work devotedly out of belief that pure and truthful giving of charity will strengthen justice and equality in Israeli society.