“Olam Hesed” is a nonprofit organization, operating for the benefit of Israeli society. “Olam Hesed” association operates thank to the support and contributions of individuals and companies, so transparency is a very important principle for us.

Financial statements:

The annual balance sheets and financial statements are audited by Ilan Yitzhak  CPA office and submitted regularly to the Registrar of Associations and prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards.

Review Committee:

The “Olam Hesed” Review Committee is headed by Attorney Vered Schneor who regulates and oversees all of the association’s activities. These reviews are conducted to ensure that the activity will take place, with an emphasis on work practices and the values ​​of “Olam Hesed”, among them integrity and absolute reliability.


Association Registration with the Registrar of Associations

Approval for donations under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

Proper management approval – the Registrar of Associations.