Association’s Institutions

Olam Hesed’s General Assembly:

The General Assembly is a body that includes all of Olam Hesed’s members. The general assembly convenes at least once a year, and has the authority to decide on the association’s policy and needs. Also allotted to the general assembly are responsibilities such as appointing the Board of Directors and the Review Committee, authorizing financial reports, deciding on changes in the regulations, goals and name of the association, according to its code and the law.

Members of the General Assembly:

  1. Mrs. Nitza Ginosar
  2. Attorney Tzafrir Ben Or
  3. Mr. Shlomo Ohayun
  4. Attorney Merav Esther Ifergan
  5. Attorney Vered Shneor
  6. Mr. Ori Sela
  7. Mrs. Esther Cohen

Association Founder and Honorary President – David Ifergan:

David Ifergan son of Rabbi Shalom Ifergan, blessed be his memory.

Olam Hesed’s Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors  is a body elected by the General Assembly of members and is authorized to manage the affairs of the association in accordance with the goals and is tasked with any authority and responsibility not allotted by the code to any of the other association’s institues.

Board of Directors:

1. Ms. Nitza Ginosar

2. Mr. Tzafrir Ben-Or

3. Attorney Merav Esther Ifergan


One of the means for achieving efficiency in the functioning of the Executive Committee, is through sub-committees empowered to operate alongside it.

The committees are a means of dividing the work of the Board of Directors and removing certain topics from its busy schedule. For example, policy issues will be discussed at the Board of Directors, while the specific details relating to the purchase of new equipment, will be discussed at the committees.

Review Committee:

The Review Committee examines the financial affairs of the association and its account books and presents the General Assembly with its recommendations regarding approval of the financial report.

Public legal status of a world of grace:

Grace was registered with the Registrar of Associations on 15 June 2003, no. 580411072 and is recognized as a public institution by the IRS under section 46 of the Income Tax ordinance.

Members of the Review Committee:

1.  Attorney Vered Shneor – an independent lawyer, notary and mediator in Kfar-Saba. Served as internal legal adviser for the Dankner group between 92-99. Served as a director on behalf of the public for Malam Systems, from 2000 to 2005.  BA with honors in history Philosophy (Ben Gurion University) and law (Tel Aviv University), and an MA with honors in Public Policy, Program for Conflict Resolution in memory of Evans Tel Aviv University. Lives in Kfar-Saba, married +2.

2. Ori Sela – a graduate of Wingate School for coaches and instructors, specializing in rehabilitation and hydrotherapy as well as a BA (IDC’s) in business administration and marketing. Ori is a veteran instructor Hidroatrapist instructor’s unique teaching and coaching swimming and is owner of Water World – a center that specializes in experiential therapeutic water. Ori is married to Tami and father of Tom Libby.

Donations Committee:

Donations Committee examines and discusses the various requests for help and support and makes decisions based on clear criteria established by the General Assembly of the association.

Members of the Donations Committee:

1.Attorney Merav Esther Ifergan – independent lawyer and mediatior, Petah Tikva. Served as C.E.O of law firm. Previously worked as an investigator for the serious and international crime unit. Law degree from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, and mediation studies at the Israel Studies Center for Mediation – Gome. Graduate of the Directors Course at Lahav Center – Tel Aviv University. Lives in Petah Tikva. Married to Rabbi David and mother of Maayan.

3. Mrs. Nitza Ginosar –

Marketing and Public Relations Committee:

The committee is responsible for setting the marketing and public relations strategy of the association.

Committee members:

1. Mr. Ido Sela – Attorney, global project manager for a high-tech company, specializes in Internet marketing. Swimmer and squash player. Married to Keren and father of Omer and Hillel.

2. Mr. Ronen Mizrahi – a graphic designer and lecturer. Between the years 1986 – 1999 designed newspapers and magazines. Designed the newspaper “Hadashot” and “At” magazine, designed and founded “National Geographic in Hebrew” and “Calcalist”. Since 2000 owns an independent graphic design studio in Tel Aviv – this studio. Lives, swims and practices yoga in Tel-Aviv. Father of Mia and Michael.

Director of the association’s activities:

Shaked Barak – Barak coordinates all activities and brings the organization’s projects and events to fruition. Serves as Acting General Manager of the association. Graduated from Business Administration at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Project coordinators:

1. Project manager for Jerusalem and the northern region: Miriam Lemel – Married + 2. Many years of expertise as a ceramics teacher, graduate of Arts College in Beer Sheva, human resources manager in a private company and lives in Amirim.

2. Central region project manager: Alexandra (Ali) Kalish – married + 3, a long-time expert in the teaching  Physical Education, certified teacher from the Kibbutzim Seminary and Feldenkrais school. Teaches at Kfar HaMaccabiah and lives in Hod Hasharon.

3. Southern region project manager: Barak Shaked

Organization Committee and execute events and projects:

  1. Miriam Lemel
  2. Alexandra (Ali) Kalish
  3. Barak Shaked
  4. Yoav Shavit
  5. Hadar Marks
  6. Akiva Klei
  7. Tcahi Kagan
  8. Yaron Vered

IT Committee:

An association is required to work in a professional way just like any other business, and use modern tools that will help achieve its goals.

The IT (Information Technology) team is charged with the examination of new work tools, updating the website, internet marketing which includes online communities (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Google promotions etc, work and examination of modern tools (SAAS systems, etc.) and computing.

The team has two goals:

1. To reflect the association’s activities in public and in the virtual realm.

2. Provide a platform and tools that manage the organization’s activists, volunteers, donors, projects, etc. as efficiently and professionally as possible.

The team members:

  1. Ronen Mizrahi
  2. Nati Olach
  3. Anat Aviv
  4. Ido Sela