The charity work was started in 1992 by David Ifergan, son and successor of Rabbi Shalom Ifergan. Even before the founding of the association, David Ifergan and the late Yossi Ginosar worked for many years to administrate a framework of discreet giving and charity across the country. This activity served as a base for founding the association. In 2003, David Ifergan was joined by a group of academics who shared his vision and together they expanded the association’s activity and characteristics.

The association was founded to serve as an umbrella organization for David Ifergan and the association member’s charity work, and assisting the Israeli population in all walks of life.

Olam Hesed association was registered on June 15th 2003 and is registered with the Registrar of Associations, and has received a Proper management certificate and a Donations certificate according to section 46.

The association has taken up the principal of equality as its flag and supports all walks of life in the Israeli society, and is very wide spread geographically. Among its main goals is the bettering the balance between different parts of society and narrowing the ever-growing social gap in Israel, in order to give an equal opportunity to everyone, and this by supporting the needy, development of skills and fulfillment of potential among children and youth, charity work for those in difficult situations, activities for youth at risk, boarding school tenants (both secular and religious), assistance and distribution of funds on holidays and more.

The association is not funded by government organizations but is based on private funding of businessmen and other people. “Olam Hesed” is run completely by volunteers and we are proud to say that all of its workers and functionaries do their jobs with no recompense whatsoever. All of the association’s volunteers and activists work tirelessly out of faith that pure and true giving of charity will strengthen the Israeli society.

Help and support can be delivered in different ways, as Rabbi Menahem Mendle of Kutzk said – “To laugh when a fool tells a joke – that is also a form of charity”